SIMCA Enforcement is held as the most vital component in the management of SIMCA. Reef Guardian formed its enforcement team in 2005 to stop the intrusion of illegal fishing activities within SIMCA.

Sea patrols are conducted by Reef Guardian enforcement team, with the support of the radar tracking system and collaborations with enforcement agencies, i.e. Army, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), and Police Field Force (PFF), marine police, and Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD).

The main objective of the enforcement team is to enforce SIMCA as a strict no-take zone and to eliminate fishing pressure in the conservation area. Reef Guardian enforcement team includes certified Honorary Wildlife Wardens that are trained by Sabah Wildlife Department. Honorary Wildlife Wardens are empowered with the power of arrest, a warrant card and vest to be utilised when performing their duties.

Enforcement briefing is also conducted from time to time to enhance and maintain the skills and coordination of the team when conducting enforcement works.

Highlights of SIMCA Enforcement Achievement

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