Implemented since 2000, the sea turtle monitoring activity is one the most comprehensive and active Reef Guardian programmes. The main objectives of the programme are:

  1. To monitor nesting activities, protect nesting females by reducing human-induced disturbance that may hinder nesting attempt
  2. To maximize hatching rates of baby turtles to be released to the sea
  3. To promote sea turtle conservation awareness among SIMCA visitors

Beach patrols are conducted daily, especially during the dark when nesting activities are the most active. The main purpose of beach patrol is to protect nesting turtles from human disturbance, prevent poaching of turtle eggs and to relocate the eggs to hatchery for incubation.

Turtle-watching activities involving SIMCA guests are conducted upon request. These activities include the watching of the sea turtles laying their eggs and release of the sea turtles hatchlings. Briefings and Q&A about sea turtles are carried out during these activities.

As a fundraising effort to maintain the conservation works, a nest adoption programme called Adopt-A-Nest was implemented since 2012.

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