In 2003, Reef Guardian had been appointed by the Sabah State Government to fully manage SIMCA in close collaboration with Sabah Wildlife Department. The main objective of this organisation is to manage, restrict and control human activities within the conservation area to ensure the balance between the need to utilise resources for the eco-tourism industry and the conservation of the coral habitat and marine life.

Reef Guardian’s specific objectives are:
1. To protect and/or restore coral reef and seagrass beds habitats by reducing direct human impact
2. To protect nesting, foraging and feeding grounds of sea turtles
3. To monitor environmental change through long-term monitoring
4. To promote marine conservation through education and eco-tourism activities
5. To enforce a strict no-take zone by eliminating illegal fishing activities within SIMCA
6. To establish firm working relationships with Sabah Wildlife Department and other national and international institutions or agencies for the protection of marine biodiversity
7. To use ecotourism as means for achieving sustainable funding for SIMCA management

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