Fish Observer Training

Reef Guardian was invited to participate in Fisheries Observer Training, organised by WWF-Kudat at Kota Kinabalu and Kudat on 21-29th November 2011. One of RG staffs attended the training and learnt how to identify commercial fish species that are normally targeted by fish bombers and other fishermen.

Roundtable Discussion on Turtle Island Ecotourism

Reef Guardian participated in a discussion entitled “Roundtable Discussion on Turtle Island Ecotourism” organised by Conservation International (CI) Philippines. Reef Guardian’s representative presented Lankayan’s experience and challenges as an ecotourism island during the discussion at Sabah Hotel. Among the attendee during the discussion was Selingan Turtle Islands Park, tour operators, and also member is CI. A visit to Baguan Island was organised for interested participants to experience island life, and also to witness the abundance of sea turtle landings there.

Reef Check Training

On 16th – 18th June 2011, Reef Check trainings were conducted by General Manager of Reef Check Malaysia. The training includes an eco-diver trainee and trainer courses for two Reef Guardian staffs. Four undergraduate intern students from UMS and UMT also participated in the trainee course.

The Sinking of Whale Shark II as an FAD

On 11th June 2011, a vessel named Whale Shark II was sunken as a fish aggregation device (FAD) or fish house at the water in the north of Lankayan. The vessel was also attached with a fish house structure.

Internship by UMS and UMT Students

Four undergraduates were recruited to conduct an 8-week industrial training with Reef Guardian at Lankayan Island. Three students were from University Malaysia Sabah (Puah Pei Wen, Kho Sy Fui and Eeon Jun Jie) and a student from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (Gan Sze Hoon). During the training, the students were involved in Reef Guardian sea turtle monitoring programme, underwent Reef Check training, introduced to enforcement works within SIMCA and participated in conducting interviews with the fishermen.

Visitation by SWD and Cardiff Representatives to SIMCA

A visit by Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) Director, Mr. Laurentius and officers from Sandakan SWD branch visited SIMCA with a group of scientists from Cardiff University on 9th – 12th May 2011. The purpose of their visit was to discuss the potential of using Billean Island as research centre for Cardiff University undergraduate students.

Gillnet Removal at Moray Reef

Reef Guardian staff and Dive Masters had conducted a cleanup effort to remove entangled gill net at Moray Reef on 6th-7th March 2011, following the finding of a gill net by a group of divers during their morning dive on 6th March 2011. The net was measured to be 377m in length and 4m wide with mesh size of 8 inches. The net stretched horizontally across the reef from the east to west side of Moray Reef. Aside from the staffs, 6 concerned divers joined in to cut the net off. The cleanup took three days to complete and during the operation, there were five Hawksbill turtles, one Green turtle, and a dolphin carcass that were found entangled to the net. Looking the algae growth on the net, it was believed that the net had been on the reef for more than 2 months.

Visitation by Mike Horn with Young Explorer Team

A Pangaea Borneo Expedition – Mike Horn with Young Explorer team visited Lankayan on 19th-21st January 2011 and Billean on 21st January 2011. During their transit here, they did a few activities, such as carrying out turtle nest assessments and beach cleanup, and conducting Reef Check surveys at several Lankayan dive sites.

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