A Study Trip to Lankayan by HWW Participants

On 25th October 2010, WWF-Malaysia (Semporna) organised a day trip to Lankayan Island as one of their study trips for 12 Honorary Wildlife Warden participants. The main purpose of their visit was to expose the participants to the sea turtle conservation works in SIMCA.

Oral Presentation during 2nd Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape Congress

Reef Guardian was invited to attend the 2nd Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape Congress at Tagaytay City, Philippines on 18th-22nd August 2010. An oral presentation on “Enforcement in Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area: Challenges and lesson learned since 2005” was presented on the first day of the congress.

Oral and Poster Presentations at 2nd Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium

Two Reef Guardian officers attended 2nd Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium at Phuket, Thailand on 19th-25th June 2010. An oral presentation was presented by Achier Chung in Marine Protection Area session. A poster on “Riverine runoffs threaten the shallow coral reef of Lankayan Island” was also presented in poster session.

Marine Turtle Conservation Workshop and Turtle Hatchery Training

A two-day marine turtle conservation workshop and turtle hatchery training was held at Hotel Seafest and Pom Pom Island Resort on 16th-17th June 2010. Fully organised by WWF-Malaysia (Semporna), the talks and lecture were given by invited by officers from Sabah Park and Sabah Wildlife Department and practical session was done at Pom Pom Island Resort. All the participants were taught on how to manage turtle hatchery, measuring size of adult turtle, incubate turtle eggs and releasing hatchlings.

SWD Promotional Video Filming

A promotional video filming was conducted by Sabah Wildlife Department on SWD activities to increase awareness and promote wildlife management in the state of Sabah for the local people and the foreigners. This video production was sponsored by Saraya Corporation with the cooperation from Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT), Japan. SIMCA was included as part of the video’s production, where filming at SIMCA was conducted on 15th – 16th May 2010, showcasing the conservation works within SIMCA, which includes marine turtle conservation, island/environment conservation works, underwater surveys, eco-tourism and enforcement activities

Visitation by SWD Officials

Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) from different districts of Sabah visited Lankayan Island on 5th-7th May 2010. The main purpose of their visit was to review the status of the conservation efforts and development within SIMCA. An oral presentation on SIMCA conservation status was given by Achier Chung and a briefing was given by Mr. Kenneth Chung on the future resort plan to SWD officers.

Beach Cleanup at Tegaipil Island

A beach cleanup was conducted at Tegaipil Island on 2nd May 2010, in corporation between Reef Guardian and LIDR. About 25 staff were involved in this event.

Humphead Wrasse Buyback Release Programme

On 14th January 2010, Reef Guardian was invited to attend a meeting on a Humphead wrasse buyback release programme, which was held at WWF-Malaysia office in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Following to this, a release programme was held on 6th – 8th April in Lankayan waters and the Selingan waters, where juvenile humhead wrasses were released and witnessed by personnel from Sabah Wildlife Department (Sandakan). This project was led and sponsored by WWF-Malaysia, in collaboration with Reef Guardian and LIDR.

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