Project AWARE

Reef Guardian and LIDR participated in the International Clean-up Day under Project AWARE for the second time. This clean-up activities involve Lankayan, Billean and Tegaipil Islands and carried out by LIDR’s in-house guests, Reef Guardian and LIDR staffs, and representatives from Sabah Wildlife Department, Police Field Force, police and army.

Presentation during Sulu-Sulawesi Congress

Organised by the Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape Project of Conservation International (CI) Philippines, the Sulu-Sulawesi Congress was held on 20th-22nd June 2007 in Manila with the theme “Targeted Outcomes for Large Marine Ecosystem Conservation. The congress gathered CI and its partners at the tri-national (Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia) level, including regional and local levels from the government agencies, local government units (LGUs), NGOs and the private sectors. Reef Guardian sent out two representatives, Achier Chung (lead marine biologist) and Edwin Alberto to attend the congress. A short presentation on “Sea turtle monitoring and enforcement in Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area (SIMCA)” was presented at the congress to update CI on the project’s progress.

Outreach Programme with Sung Siew School Students

On 28th-29th May 2007, 10 students and a teacher from Sung Siew School were invited to Lankayan Island to have hands-on experience about coral reef and sea turtle conservation. The programme consisted of evening talk, sea turtle mural painting, beach games, snorkelling lessons, sea turtle Q&A and student performance.

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